Welcome to 16 Hudson. Learn all about our lovely little neighbors and their families.

Luc, 4, is as fast-paced and excitable as can be. He is a finicky eater. He loves wheels of any kind, cars, roller blades, scooters, anything that goes. Luc was born in Haiti. His dads Paul and Bayani adopted him when he was just 6 months old. Bayani and Luc love to speak French in front of Paul as their “secret” language and laugh and laugh and laugh…
Lili, 7, is an active and busy city girl. She likes to take credit for things and be praised for good work. Lili is cautious, orderly and follows rules. Like her mom, she loves throwing a party, especially to celebrate the Persian New Year with her family. Lili loves to paint and read.
Amala 6, lives below Lili and is a caring, conscious and deliberate person. She is often found in the community garden planting fresh herbs and sharing them with her neighbors. Amala also loves animals and often tries to play with Kensington, who is not impressed. Amala’s mom Shamila is a great cook and has the best Chicken Vindaloo recipe, which her husband Frank often enters into cooking contests.
Sam, 7, is Lili’s partner in crime. He has an older sister Sara who is 10. He and his family live next door to Lili. Sam’s dog Lucy, an old, large poodle is constantly getting chased by Kensington and really afraid of him, despite being twice his size. Sam is happy-go-lucky and gets flustered easily. He likes sports but he loves his grandmother’s special Chinese Chicken Soup dumplings.